Saturday, November 12, 2011

AV Security 2012 serial code and activation number (kill code)

AV Security 2012 (AVSecurity 2012) is a popular rogue antispyware family member based on second generation skins, which are different from skins of pioneer members. Trojan notifier is a main tool that is used to infiltrate the rogue into targeted computer system. It shows various notifications which have one common trait, namely prompting users to download free content from the Internet. The most popular case is when users are invited to get a codec necessary to watch movies online. Use the following AV Security 2012 serial numbers to "activate" it and remove popups and Windows errros:


Activation is NOT ENOUGH to remove AV Security 2012 malware. It can recreate itself under new name or install additional malwares using system backdoors and related trojan horses. Use this simple AV Security 2012 manual removal directions to get rid of this nasty rogue.

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