Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remove "Twój Komputer Został Zablokowany" Virus and spare PLN 400

Twój Komputer Został Zablokowany Virus is vividly discussed in Polish (speaking) segment of the web. Plenty of observers have posted reports with titles suggesting that users whose PCs got victimized are to take it easy, for these are but the tricksters who stand behind.
True, the message the hackers post referring to the name of the Police that your PC has been blocked due to unauthorized cyber activity (nie sankcjonowanej aktywności cybernetycznej) is a fraud, and you must not pay PLN 400 in order to unlock your PC and avoid other legal consequences (Żeby odblokować komputer i unikanąć innych konsekwencji prawnych). However, the infection is not to be ignored. Failure to get rid of Twój Komputer Został Zablokowany Virus keeps your PC, in its major features, blocked by the rascals.
Click here to get timely and comprehensive help so that the removal of Twój Komputer Został Zablokowany Virus could be completed in full, with ultimate safety precaution and on free scan terms. 
Praca twojego komputera została zablokowana z powodu nie sankcjonowanej aktywności cybernetycznej.
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Żeby odblokować computer i uníknąč innych konsekwencji prawnych, jesteś zobowiązany do zapłacenia grzywny w wysokości 400 PLN.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Remove Adware:Win32/PriceGong that stuns and burdens you with unrelated shopping alerts

Adware:Win32/PriceGong is an advertisement infection specific to 32 platforms utilizing Windows OS. It corresponds to the program, which denomination makes a part of the detection name. It is a malicious plug-in called Pricegong. The applet extends browser window with its toolbar and distorts appearance of many websites allegedly to make you familiar with best bids, “to suggest you a variety of attractive, alternative offers”.
Removal of Adware:Win32/PriceGong is recommended to eliminate unrelated ads that distract you and slows down browser, yet may block useful content of websites you are trying to reach. In order to get rid of Pricegong and other infections as detected by free scanner, do not hesistate clicking here.