Tuesday, September 25, 2012

System Progressive Protection activarion and removal process

System Progressive Protection creates a scary picture of disastrous viruses on your PC. Not a single detection it reports proves to be real though. The program is but another skillful fake.
Remove System Progressive Protection, if you have been unfortunate to observe this program on your PC. Failure to complete System Progressive Protection removal enables the fraudware to slow down your PC and contaminate your operating system with obtrusive an deceptive notifications. In the long run, the adware causes critical damage to computer system, if no treatment is applied.
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System Progressive Protection activation code (serial number, license key):


Activation is NOT ENOUGH to get rid of the System Progressive Protection rogue. You might still have its records in Windows registry and receive annoying pop-ups. Learn how to Remove System Progressive Protection malware completely.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Remove Search.fantastigames.com malware to get rid of browser and Internet settings that promote the unwanted url

Search.fantastigames.com is a forcibly loaded website. The url is popularized by means of infection categorized as a browser hijacker or a browser helper object. The infection stands behind changing relevant settings of Internet connection and browsers. There is no use restoring suitable settings until after the removal of Search.fantastigames.com hijacker.
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Search.fantastigames.com screenshot:

Search.fantastigames.com may redirect you to the following internal pages:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remove Chatzum and Searchsafer.com redirects that feature the same fake search on different url

Chatzum (search.chatzum.net, chatzu,m.com) and searchsafer.com are a pair of annoying doubles. Those websites share the same skins and are powered by the same strain of infection. The infection is a browser hijacker designed to interfere with your web-searches. Removal of Chatzum and searchsafer.com thus requires from you to clean your PC of relevant hijackers.
Besides, the websites are often associated with toolbar featuring instant search with their facilities. The add-on, if it was legal, should have been listed in appropriate sections of Start menu and affected browser menu. Since the program is a malicious agent that has nothing to do with legitimate software, no surprise you will not find its installation reflected in any logs visible for users, through which one could uninstall unwanted browser extinctions and redirects.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus as a French edition of UKASH ransomware

Gendarmerie Nationale Virus is a variant of UKASH malware. The malware has nothing to do with French Police and the payment method, save that hackers use the names and the payment facility to extort money from users.
The malware is typically categorized as ransomware, for it seems like it holds a computer for ransom. It states you have been watching la pornographie, porn, with children, animals, and utters similar sorts of slander.
To makes things sound more scary, the popups specifies your IP. To be honest, this information is available for administrator of any website you have ever visited.
Removal of Gendarmerie Nationale Virus UKASH malware is a prerequisite of unimpeded access to your PC.
“Ce blocage de l’ordinateur sert a la prevention de vos actes illegaux,” – this is true in the part that you machine has been actually locked. It is a lie that the block is applied to prevent illegal acts. The only reason is to scare you into paying ransom of Euro 100.
Do no fall for it. Follow here to get proficient free scanner installed on your PC and get rid of Gendarmerie Nationale Virus UKASH malware as one of the threats to be found. Please note the detection names supplied by the scanner are different from common names occurring in this IT security blog.

Gendarmerie Nationale Virus variants:

Gendarmerie Nationale Virus (French UKASH virus) serial number, license key:

Activation is NOT ENOUGH to get rid of the Gendarmerie Nationale Virus. You might still have its records in Windows registry and receive annoying pop-ups. Download reliable antimalware to get rid of this infection.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Removal of FBI MoneyPak virus – get rid of USD 200 ransomware

FBI MoneyPak malware virus, USD 200 ransomware, porn Winlock are but few of various names applied to infection disseminated by number of gangs. The criminals typically do not themselves develop the hacking tools. They are usually quite inexperienced hackers or persons pretending to be hackers who have bought from more experienced criminals, yet through mediation of some black-market dealers, a product that may be marketed a solution for monetizing US and EU traffic.
The malware under review states you have been visiting zoophilia, child abuse and porn websites, for which you are either subject to imprisonment or due to pay a fine to the amount of USD 200. MoneyPack is method of payment suggested. The code you enter does not, in spite of the promises in the trojans window, launches the process of your computer unblocking. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you get rid of FBI Money Pack virus and other threats on your computer and do not linger considering any other cleanup options.
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