Monday, September 3, 2012

Removal of FBI MoneyPak virus – get rid of USD 200 ransomware

FBI MoneyPak malware virus, USD 200 ransomware, porn Winlock are but few of various names applied to infection disseminated by number of gangs. The criminals typically do not themselves develop the hacking tools. They are usually quite inexperienced hackers or persons pretending to be hackers who have bought from more experienced criminals, yet through mediation of some black-market dealers, a product that may be marketed a solution for monetizing US and EU traffic.
The malware under review states you have been visiting zoophilia, child abuse and porn websites, for which you are either subject to imprisonment or due to pay a fine to the amount of USD 200. MoneyPack is method of payment suggested. The code you enter does not, in spite of the promises in the trojans window, launches the process of your computer unblocking. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you get rid of FBI Money Pack virus and other threats on your computer and do not linger considering any other cleanup options.
Remove FBI Money Pak FBI MoneyPak and ensure your computer is further protected with free scanner available here.

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  1. Any activation code to remove this. As it comes in Safe mode also.