Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cloud AV 2012 - kill code and activation number

AV Group of counterfeits can be defined as a multitude of rogue antispyware products, which names include Cloud and 2012 words and numbers. The biggest portion of the AV group is fake antivirus cloned from one parent. Those fake antivirus products are often referred to as one and same program with variable name. Cloud AV 2012 removal may be considered as a disposal of this program.
The rogue in question is a new clone in the above family. The link above will lead you to Cloud Av 2012 manual removal guide - first you need to detect and locate the threat, and then you are free to choose the way to remove detected infections. The serials\registration numbers for this malware are:


Activation is NOT ENOUGH to remove Cloud AV 2012  malware. It can recreate itself under new name or install additional malwares using system backdoors and related trojan horses. Use this simple Cloud AV 2012 manual removal guide to get rid of this nasty rogue.

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