Friday, April 27, 2012

Get rid of redirect virus – a long hoped-for solution against the unwanted url redirect virus comprises three issues: redirect virus comprises four issues:

  •  unwanted home-page;
  •  unwanted toolbar;
  •  unwanted change of web-search preferences;
  • Google search results links redirected to advertisment web-sites.
All the issues are associated with the same url, which name is appropriated to the infection in question.
It is a user who fails to properly study a freeware installation agreement who allows installation of the threat. Due to that obstacle, a good many security suites of common knowledge do not consider the issue to be related to virus, hence do not remove redirect virus.
However, few users take good care when reading installation agreement that impose on them the redirect infection by insidiously ticking in advance boxes that certify user’s consent on such action, which is actually granted rather due to oversight.
Taking that into account, free scanner available here considers the redirect as an infection and provides assistance in the removal of redirect virus. redirects may lead to:

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