Saturday, January 5, 2013

Remove Meister Penalty Document, fake SOPA and PIPA message

Meister Penalty Document is another face for ransomware familiar to malware observers – another case of infamous UKASH, PaySafeCard, GreenDot MoneyPak virus. It is to be admitted that neither SOPA and PIPA mentioned in the popup as though they prosecute the user concerned, nor any of the above payment systems (UKASH etc.), actually support or stay behind the scan whatsoever. It is only their bad luck that hackers have selected their names to speak on their behalf and payment facilities to recommend as a money transferring solution, respectively. If it is your bad luck that your PC has got infected with the ransomware, stop it, but not in the way the misleading alert wants you: do not transfer any funds even if you suppose just to pay off, understanding the message is concocted by hackers. That will not do, for the ransomware, even if respond to the activation code entered, will not be gone for good. The only way to get rid of Meister Penalty Document completely is to detect and delete all its components.
Free scanner available here is a valid Meister Penalty Document removal tool plus a solution to rid your PC of its current threats and keep other infections off your working station.
Meister Penalty Document screenshot

Meister Penalty Document (Belgium UKASH virus) unlock code:

Activation is NOT ENOUGH to get rid of the Meister Penalty Document (FCCU virus). You might still have its records in Windows registry and receive annoying pop-ups. Download reliable antimalware to get rid of this infection.

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