Saturday, July 21, 2012

Removal of Windows Security System - activation code and license key to get rid of rogue security software

Windows Security System features skins of fake security program reported by malware watchers already in 2009. As the skins undergo no or minor changes, program codes and signatures are changing dramatically in order to reduce the risk of extermination by genuine antivirus products.
Remove Windows Security System as yet another malicious program code wrapped in skins of an application by definition designed to combat malware. If it were a real enemy for malware, it would, first and foremost, self-destruct.
In reality, the program in contrary is desperate to prevent its own extermination. For the sake of its survival, it terminates a good half of all the processes run by applications, and try to detect and kill programs aimed at deleting viruses.
Get rid of Windows Security System malware and proceed to detection and deletion of real viruses relying on free scan technology available here.

Windows Security System activation code (serial number, license key):


Activation is NOT ENOUGH to get rid of the Windows Security System rogue. You might still have its records in Windows registry and receive annoying pop-ups. Learn how to Remove Windows Security System malware completely.

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