Sunday, July 29, 2012

Remove International Police Association (I.P.A) ransomware - unlock code and removal tool

International Police Association is originally an organization to exchange experience of police offices of different countries. The name has been engaged in the scam with ransomware run by hackers.
The pattern is familiar to the eye of malware observers. The same scheme could be observed in a number of cases, in which the same charges as that made in the name of above Association are made allegedly on behalf of particular public security office e.g. Bundespolizei , Metropolitan Police etc.
Removal of International Police Association VIRUS (Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.CI. Ransomware) includes, but is not limited to, extermination of the annoying popup only. Apart from the misleading and annoying alert, there is a blocking agent to be exterminated.
Text of the popup is typical to malware of its kind. It states the PC has been blocked under the pretext of breaking the law related to copyright and other properties of info stored on, exchanged from, the PC affected.
Get rid of International Police Association (I.P.A.) and unlock your desktop ransomware instead of paying the fine demanded by hackers.

International Police Association blocker variants:

Screenshots from deletemalware

 International Police Association blocker warnings for different countries:

Il suo computer è stato bloccato
il suo computer è stato bloccato da sistema di controllo d'informazione automatico

Tietokoneenne lukkiutui

Uw computer is geblokkeerd
Uw computer is geblokkeerd door het systeem van een automatische informatiecontrole

Ten komputer został zablokowany
Ten komputer został zablokowany przez system automatycznej kontroli informacyjnej

O seu computador foi bloqueado
O seu computador foi bloqueado pelo sistema do controlo automatico de informação

Datorn har blockerats
Datorn har blockerats av ett system för avtomatisk information kontroll
International Police Association blocker (Police Central e-crime Unit Virus) serial number, license key:


Activation is NOT ENOUGH to get rid of the International Police Association blocker. You might still have its records in Windows registry and receive annoying pop-ups. Download reliable antimalware to get rid of this infection.

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