Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Removal of Funmoods Toolbar – be in good mood with your browser free of intrusive add-ons

Funmoods Toolbar disturbs users of various browsers. It typically goes bundled with redirect issues.
The add-on to browsers is added on terms of unconscious user’s agreement. It is a usual trick as the download wizard for emoticons for instant messenger includes unobvious for user statement to add the toolbar, with the agreement provided by default in the box ticked in advance by the program publishers. Naturally, too many users ignore all those ticked boxes that leads to installation of unwanted browser extension along with probably beneficial for user emoticons.
In order to get rid of Funmoods Toolbar and such leftovers as browsing redirects without uninstalling advanced smiling faces special approach is to be applied. Free scanner available here is customized to remove Funmoods Toolbar and related redirects sparing harmless graphics for your social networking and instant messaging, as well as the security tool recommended is a valid remedy against threats of any complexity and specialization.

To fix Funmoods problem in Chrome follow this instructions:
1. Go to the wrench icon at the top right corner.
2. Click "extensions" and disable then delete
3. Next, click on "settings"
4. Find "manage search engines" - here you have the options to select a default search engine (google). You also have the option to delete funmoods which in my opinion is anything but fun.

To remove Funmoods from Mozilla Firefox please follow this directions:
1.Go to Tools add-ons then choose extensions and remove
2.Go to Windows Control Panel and choose Uninstall a Program and then uninstall Funmoods and restart Firefox
3. Funmoods though is still the default Home page so go to Tools, Options, General and then paste in your favourite (NON FUNMOODS) url. Restart Firefox - you should be fixed.

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