Friday, October 5, 2012

Remove Claro Search Redirect – avoid searching the web with engine that features out-of-context or poorly rated links for the benefits of hackers

Claro Search Redirect means that website called is a bad engine for getting info from the web by entering keywords related to the topic you would like to explore. Well, that would not be that bad, if the website was not powered by hijacker. It is because of the hijacker users find themselves entering keywords into this odd url instead of Google, for the malware applies changes to system and browser settings in order to make of the url a browsing start-page, new tab default url, default search engine, and even to load it instead of Google.
Removal of Claro Search Malware is thus a prerequisite for appropriate web-searching. Click here to start free scan and get rid of Claro Search Malware so that misleading searches could be avoided.

Claro Search Redirect screenshot:

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