Monday, October 29, 2012

Remove W3i.IQ5.fraud and the malware it misleads users into loading

W3i.IQ5.fraud detection informs users of a misleading installer on their computer systems. It offers interface of a loader compatible with some freeware on exclusive terms. This is done to fool people into infecting their working stations with annoying adware by making them believe they are loading software of interest to them.
Removal of W3i.IQ5.fraud may target the adware loaded only, while the loader persists. In such a case, the misleading free installer may repeat the trick, so that the detection recurs until after you delete it (the downloader).
Get rid of W3i.IQ5.fraud in full: first of all, the suggested tool deletes the tricky installer, but then does not spare the content loaded through its interface.

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